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Events Announcement for 2021-2022 Season

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As we come to an end to the 2020-2021 season, our team at Formula Bharat and Curiosum Tech have put together a cohesive list of events and updates for the upcoming season. For any concerns with the details below, send us an email to

Disclaimer: Please note that with the ever changing situation presented by COVID-19, all the details and dates shared below should be considered as tentative and subject to changes in the future.

Events Calendar 2021-2022

The following event details are tentative. More information shall be made available in the upcoming weeks.

FB Academy Workshop
  • 2-Day Virtual Workshop
  • Focus on FB rules, documentation, technical topics, team management and sponsorship
Jun 1 – 24Jun 26 – 27
FSEV 2021
  • FS EV Concept Challenge (Virtual)
  • Focus on EV Powertrain design only as per FB2022 Rule Book (T – Technical Section and EV – Electric Vehicles)
  • Participants eligibility with graduation year of 2023 and above
  • Areas of judging: FMEA, Team Management, Procurement, Software Integration, Engineering Design Presentation
Apr 7 – Jun 4Jul 30 – Aug 4
Formula Bharat Virtuals (2021-2022)
  • Formula Bharat Virtuals (2021-2022) Event
  • A completely different event from the on-site Formula Bharat competition
  • Rule Book: Formula Bharat 2022
    Focus on Engineering Design and Business Events
  • Teams participating in virtuals cannot register for main on-site Formula Bharat 2022 competition
May 1 – Jun 30Sep 17 – Nov 2
Rev-it!Virtual Formula Racing event
Open to participants enrolled in an undergraduate study program
Aug 10 – 31Sep 6 – Nov 2
Formula Bharat 2022
  • Formula Bharat 2022 Competition
  • Rule Book: Formula Bharat 2022 (To be released latest by April 25).
  • Teams participating on-site Formula Bharat competition cannot register for Virtuals event this season
> Not many expected changes in T-Technical section between 2021 and 2022
> Allowance for 2nd year CV and 2nd year EV, counting FB2020 as 1st year
> Business event will be Virtual, with Business Finals held on-site
May 1 – Jun 30Jan 20 – 25, 2022
Round the Campfire 2022 Networking SessionFollowing the success of the virtual Round the Campfire 2021 networking session held on March 25 on Gather.Town, Formula Bharat plans to host a similar event at the same time next year.Mar 24, 2022

Initiatives 2021-2022

FB Academy – YouTube Live Complimentary SessionsThroughout 2020-2021 season, Formula Bharat partnered with multiple educators around the world to provide relevant Formula Student content via our YouTube Channel. We plan on continuing this initiative into this season as well
Standardized ESO TrainingsA common feedback we have received from EV teams is the difficulty of sourcing an High-Voltage Safety trainer for the ESO training requirements. Formula Bharat is partnering with two education platforms to provide this training virtually. Our aim is to release the offerings later in May.
Accumulator Pre-Tech InspectionRegistered teams at Formula Bharat 2022 on-site event will have the opportunity to undergo an optional Accumulator Pre-Tech anytime between September and December 2021. Teams will pick their date of choice and an EV inspector will perform an inspection as per the event checklist at the team’s shop. This offering will be made for domestic teams (i.e. teams within India) only at this point. While this inspection will not replace the Accumulator inspection (and other tech inspections) at the competition, the objective for this pre-tech is to reduce tech inspection timelines at the competition and ensure the team’s vehicle preparedness for the same.
FS Alumni NetworkAlumni play an important role in the successful transitions between an outgoing and incoming team, and form a resource network as mentors. Formula Bharat will commit to building an Alumni network that would mentor new and existing teams within Formula Student in India.
Students ConclaveThis initiative was proposed by Claude Rouelle as an opportunity to engage discussion between students teams. Our upcoming initiatives include interactions with Monash Motorsport and EESC-USP Brasil.
Humans of Formula BharatFollowing the trend created originally by Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, Formula Bharat will be launching ‘Humans of Formula Bharat’, an initiative that will strengthen the Formula Student community through sharing stories of its participants, advisors, alumni and volunteers.
Jobs PortalCuriosum Tech has been working to create a jobs portal specifically open towards the participants within its events. More details to be shared later in the year.