Formula Bharat

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Vehicle Review Program

Formula Bharat is offering Formula Student teams the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive ‘vehicle review’ at their workshop which will be conducted by Formula Bharat’s technical inspection team. The Vehicle Review Program offers teams a chance to identify and rectify any technical issues prior to the competition, increasing their chances of success during the main event. Reviews will mimic aspects of the inspection process during the Formula Bharat competition. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to offer teams with valuable feedback to ensure their vehicle’s compliance to TI requirements.

This Vehicle Review Program caters to teams from both the CV and EV category, thereby catering to the needs of all participating teams.

There are three avenues through which teams can opt for the Vehicle Review Program:

  • Exclusive Workshop Review: A team can register for the program to have Tech Inspectors from Formula Bharat conduct a preliminary technical review of the team’s vehicle at their own institute or workshop. This option provides convenience and flexibility for teams to present their vehicle without the need for travel.
  • Review at a Roadshow or Academy Event: Formula Bharat organizes various workshops such as Roadshow and Academy during the season. Teams can choose to participate in these events and have their vehicles reviewed by technical inspectors at the host venue. These events offer a platform for teams to interact with experts and receive feedback in a collaborative setting.
  • Virtual Vehicle Review: For teams unable to attend physical events or prefer remote interaction, Formula Bharat offers the option for teams to conduct the review virtually. Through online platforms, teams can showcase their vehicle, and feedback and guidance will be provided remotely by tech inspectors.

For more details, download the Vehicle Review Program Registration Guide located in the Downloads table below.


File NameDescription
Vehicle Review Program Registration GuideProgram Information, Registration and Payment details
Vehicle Review Program Pre-Registration FormPre-Registration Form required to be filled by interested teams

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