For season 2020-2021, the Academy is split into 2 distinct levels:

  • Level 1: Complimentary online sessions covering basics of Formula Bharat and Formula Student. This includes rules updates, common design mistakes and tips for success.
  • Level 2: Intermediate level where the focus will be on vehicle dynamics data analysis and implementation into design improvements and driver feedback.

Level 1

The following complimentary live sessions will be made available on the dates mentioned below. Attending these session is for personal benefit and many do not avail e-certificates. Join our Mailing List to receive updates on upcoming sessions.

Additionally you can add our Academy 2021 Google Calendar to your personal calendar for future updates!

SessionDateTime (IST)Link
Technical Rules Updates (except EV) for FB2021Sat, May 235 PMVideo
EV Technical Rules Updates for FB2021Sun, May 243 PMVideo
Let’s talk about FB2021 Registration (Informal discussion, Q&A)Wed, May 275 PM
FMEA : Technical prowess that separates the Freshers from the ExpertsNarayan RangarajanThu, Jun 117 PMVideo
Battery Design and Safety SessionShardul Jade, Mukul JangidSun, Jun 147 PMVideo
Soft Things about Hard Things – Hardware, Data and IntelligenceRam Bhavaraju, Ather EnergyWed, Jul 225:30 PMVideo
1-on-1 with EV Technical LeadRam K SharmaSat, Nov 77 PMVideo
Role of CFD in Formula Student (When & Why) Rajat WaliaMon, Nov 237 PMVideo
The Basics: Advice on building an FS car on a limited budget (focus on Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, Tyres)Pat ClarkeSun, Nov 2912 PMVideo
Component Design for Additive Manufacturing Akshay BallalWed, Dec 27 PMVideo
Mental Health and Well-BeingMadhu HisariaThu, Dec 312 PMVideo
Battery ModellingYashwanth Vellala & Sreenivasa Palla, Ather EnergyFri, Dec 46:30 PMVideo
Basics of Shock Absorbers Rex KeenTue, Dec 1511:30 AMVideo
Automating Automotive Design – Bridging the logical and physical world in Harness design M. S. Ashok & Mr. Ramakrishna, Zuken IndiaSun, Dec 204 PMVideo
Powertrain Sizing Simulations for Student Racing TeamsVenugopal Prathimala, CTO Decibels & Powertrain Simulations, FS KTH SwedenMon, Dec 217 PMVideo
Formula Student Aerodynamics: Speed Hack or Horsepower Hog?Saiduth Ramesh, Motorsport Content Developer, SkillShark EduTechFri, Feb 56 PMVideo
The Basics: Keeping your tires happyPat ClarkeSun, Feb 711 AMVideo
Answering your Formula Student related questionsHari Vasudevan & Suraj Vallamkonda, Ather EnergyFri, Feb 127 PMLink
Ensure good Electric Vehicle E&E Design – Importance of a good PCB designM. S. Ashok & Guruprasad Hebbar, Zuken IndiaFri, Feb 133 PMLink
Modeling a Vehicle Dynamics System Using MATLAB and SimulinkVeer Alakshendra, MathWorks & Karan Goyal and Shivam Agrawal, Axlr8r Formula RacingFri, Feb 195 PMLink
Overview of EV Systems and Components Pradeep Kumar Keloth, Bosch IndiaSun, Feb 2111 AMLink

Level 2

Coming soon…