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  • All documents must be submitted in the same format as stated in the Rules document, unless otherwise mentioned on this page.
  • Unless mentioned, it is assumed that all documents must be submitted no later than 11:59pm IST on the mentioned deadline date. 
  • Name documents as Car#_TeamName_FileName_Year. For Example, if Inifiniti Racing, Car #14 is submitting Impact Attenuator document, please submit file as 14_InfinitiRacing_IAD_2020. Short forms of submissions are provided next to the names of the submissions in brackets.
  • Submitting a revision? Please also add the version number on the file name. For example – for the first revision: 14_InfinitiRacing_IAD_2020_V1

Downloads and Guidelines:

*Some of the following links can only be accessed by those on our mailing lists. To subscribe, please write to formulabharat(@) or join the preferred list below:

ItemCommentLast UpdatedAccess
Rules and Supporting Documents FB2020 Rules Book New V 1.4May 7, 2019Open
Guidelines File Formatting, Email Protocol, Hose Clamp Guidelines, Document Submission Guidelines etc. May 5, 2019Open
Resources Past presentations, webinars, reading material etc. Apr 30, 2019*Restricted to Mailing List
EV-related Downloads Primary EV related guidelines, resources and templatesMay 16, 2019*Restricted to Mailing List
TemplatesSES, IAD, FMEA, ETC etc.May 12, 2019*Restricted to Mailing List

Action Deadlines:

Pre-Registration for FB2020YYApril 5 – August 9, 2019Form
Registration Rules QuizYYJune 8, 2019Online
Fee Payment – Phase 1 YYJune 13, 2019 NEFT, IMPS
Electrical Safety Officer / Electrical Safety Advisor (ESOESA) YJune 14, 2019Upload*
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) YJune 19, 2019Upload*
Fee Payment – Phase 2 YYJune 27, 2019NEFT, IMPS
Fee Payment – Phase 3YYJuly 11, 2019NEFT, IMPS
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) *Only required for teams using ETCY July 12, 2019Upload*
Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES)YYJuly 25, 2019Upload*
Impact Attenuator Design (IAD)YYJuly 25, 2019Upload*
Electrical Safety Form (ESF) – Part 1&2 YAugust 1, 2019Upload*
Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES)YYOctober 10, 2019Upload*
Engineering Design Report (EDR)YYNovember 7, 2019Upload*
Design Specifications Sheet (DSS)YYNovember 7, 2019Upload*
Photographic Submissions (PS)YYNovember 14, 2019Google Docs
Calendar and Program BookletYYNovember 30, 2019Coming Soon
Vehicle Status Video (VSV)YYDecember 13, 2019Video Form Link
Team Member Information (TMI)YYDecember 19, 2019TMI FAQs
Cost Report Documentation (CRD) (DBOM, CBOM, CEXP, CSUP)
DBOM: Brake System and Steering System, CBOM: Engine and Drivetrain
YYJanuary 6, 2020Upload*

*The following are the portals for document submissions required specifically for the Formula Bharat competition and not separate contests:

Updated: June 17, 2019