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  • All documents must be submitted in the same format as stated in the Rules document, unless otherwise mentioned on this page.
  • Unless mentioned, it is assumed that all documents must be submitted no later than 11:59pm IST on the mentioned deadline date. 
  • Name documents as Car#_TeamName_FileName_Year. For Example, if Inifiniti Racing, Car #14 is submitting Impact Attenuator document, please submit file as 14_InfinitiRacing_IAD_2019. Short forms of submissions are provided next to the names of the submissions in brackets.
  • Submitting a revision? Please also add the version number on the file name. For example – for the first revision: 14_InfinitiRacing_IAD_2019_V1

Downloads and Guidelines:

  • Rules and Supporting Documents
  • Guidelines (File Formatting, Email Protocol, Hose Clamp Guidelines, Document Submission Guidelines etc.)
  • Resources
  • Downloads: This link “Formula Bharat Downloads” is only accessible to the registered email addresses of the Team Captain, Additional Contact 1 and Additional Contact 2.  If other team members on a participating team require access, the request for the same must arrive from a registered email address. For more details, click here.

Action Deadlines:

Item CV EV Deadline Method
Pre-Registration for FB2019 Y Y March 24 -August 6, 2018. Closed
Registration Quiz Y Y April 21, 2018 Closed
Fee Payment 1 (Full / Split) Y Y April 26, 2018 NEFT, IMPS, DD, Cheque
Electrical Safety Officer / Electrical Safety Advisor (ESOESA) Y May 18, 2018 Upload*
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Y May 25, 2018 Upload*
Fee Payment 2 (Split) Y Y June 29, 2018 NEFT, IMPS, DD, Cheque
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) *Only required for teams using ETC Y July 13, 2018 Upload*
Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) Y Y July 20, 2018 Upload*
Impact Attenuator Design (IAD) Y Y July 20, 2018 Upload*
Electrical Safety Form (ESF) Y July 30, 2018 Upload*
Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES) Y Y October 12, 2018 Upload*
Engineering Design Report (EDR) Y Y November 2, 2018 Upload*
Design Specifications Sheet (DSS) Y Y November 2, 2018 Upload*
Photographic Submissions (PS) Y Y November 13, 2018 Google Docs
T-Shirt Design Contest Y Y November 26, 2018 Closed
Calendar and Program Booklet Y Y November 30, 2018 Closed
Vehicle Status Video (VSV) Y Y December 15, 2018 Video Form Link
Special Award: Studio Clockwork Style Award 2019 Y Y December 15, 2018 Closed
Team Member Information (TMI)
Visit FB2019 TMI FAQs document on Formula Bharat Downloads folder
Y Y December 21, 2018 Submission Link for Scans
Cost Report Documentation (CRD) (+ CEXP and CSUP)
CBOM: Chassis & Body System
Y Y January 4, 2019 Upload*
Special Award: Fabheads Composites Tech Award 2019 Y Y January 7, 2019 Closed

*The following are the portals for document submissions required specifically for the Formula Bharat competition and not separate contests:

Updated: January 8, 2019