Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition


The following deadlines are only relevant to the Formula Bharat 2024 competition that will be taking place at the Kari Motor Speedway between January 19 thru 24, 2024.

**This page is subject to updates. Please keep checking for any changes.**

Class distinction eliminated from FB2024. See post. – May 13, 2023


  • All documents must be submitted in the same format as stated in the Rules document, unless otherwise mentioned on this page.
  • Unless mentioned, it is assumed that all documents must be submitted no later than 11:59pm IST on the mentioned deadline date. 
  • Please follow File Formatting Protocol (as located in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder) while naming and formatting your files.
  • Visit Formula Bharat Downloads for registration guides, templates and other resources.


FB2024 General Queries Session
(Registration & Admin related)
YYMay 5,
7:00 PM IST
Quiz PreparationYYMay 13,
7:30 PM IST
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) BriefingYJune 3, 2:00 PM ISTYouTube Link
Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES), Impact Attenuator Design (IAD) , Second Year Vehicle Compliance Report (SVCR), Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)YYJune 30, 7:30 PM ISTYouTube Link
Engineering Design Concept Resources Management (CRM) Event BriefingYYJuly 28, 8:00 PM ISTYouTube Link
Electrical Safety Form (ESF)YAug 2, 7:00 PM ISTYouTube Link
Business Plan Presentation BriefingYYAug 5, 6:00 PM ISTYouTube Link
Engineering Design (VED) Event BriefingYOct 25, 07:30 PM ISTYouTube Link
Engineering Design (VED) Event BriefingYOct 27, 03:30 PM ISTYouTube Link
Photo Submissions BriefingYYOct 28, 4:30 PM ISTYouTube Link
Cost and Manufacturing BriefingYYDec 18, 07:00 PM ISTYouTube Link
Pre-Event Briefing YYJan 9, 06:00 PM ISTYouTube Link

Action Deadlines:

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(Refer to Registration and Payment Guidelines on Downloads page)
YYApr 17 – May 17Closed
Down-PaymentYYMay 18Closed
Mock Quiz
(for Pre-registered Teams only)
YYMay 19,
9 AM – 10 PM
QuizYYMay 20
Last day for Club Membership signup for fee discountYYMay 22Membership
Fee Payment: Phase 1YYMay 22 – 26
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Take the course!
YYJun 30Sep 7Upload*
Electrical Safety Officer Qualification (ESOQ)
(One 3E certification must be produced. Remaining certifications must be shared by October 30)
YYJun 30Upload*
Second Year Vehicle Compliance Report (SVCR)NYJul 27Sep 7Upload*
Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES)
Take the course!
YYYJul 27Sep 7Upload*
Impact Attenuator Design (IAD)
Take the course!
YYYJul 27Sep 7Upload*
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
*only for CV teams using ETC
YYJul 27Sep 7Upload*
Slot Selection for Business PresentationYYJul 28 – 30Closed
Slot Selection for Engineering Design – CRMYYJul 28 – 30Closed
Last day for Club Membership signup for fee discount (applicable for teams – Phase-wise payment only)YYAug 21Membership
Business Plan Pitch Video (BPPV)NYYAug 25Upload*
Engineering Design – Concept -Resources-Management Report (CRMR)NYYAug 25Upload*
Fee Payment: Phase 2YYAug 30
Waitlist closesYYAug 31
Electrical Safety Form (ESF-1 & ESF-2)
Take the course!
YYSep 1Oct 23Upload*
Business Presentation PrelimsYYSep 1 – 28Online
Engineering Design Prelims 1 (CRM) Q&AYYSep 1 – 28Online
Slot Booking: Photo Submissions Team Calls
[Team Cluster]
[Available / Booked Slots]
YYOct 28 – 30Closed
Slot Booking: Accumulator Pre-Tech – Virtuals
[Team Cluster]
[Available / Booked Slots]
YOct 28 – 30Closed
Updated ESOQ Submission
(Submission of Pending ESOQ Training Certification)
YOct 30Upload*
Photo Submissions (PS)
[Mail: Extension with Penalties]
YYYNov 2Jan 6
Accumulator Pre-Tech (ACC-PT) Submissions
[Mail: Extension with Penalties]
YYNov 2Jan 6
Accumulator Pre-Tech – VirtualsYNov 4 – 12Online
Photo Submission Team CallsYYNov 17 – 26
Photo submission for 2024 Calendar (optional)YYNov 20
Slot Selection for Cost & Manufacturing Q&A
[Available / Booked Slots]
YYDec 2 – 4
Slot Selection for Vehicle Engineering Design (VED) Q&A
[Available / Booked Slots]
YYNov 28 – 30Closes today on Nov 30 at 11:59 AM IST.
Slot Selection for Cost & Manufacturing Q&A
[Available / Booked Slots]
YYDec 2 – 4Opens on Dec 2 at 10 AM IST
Engineering Design Presentation (EDP)NYYDec 1Upload*
Design Specifications Sheet (DSS)YYYDec 1Upload*
MathWorks Modeling Awards 2024 (Submission Details)NYYDec 3, 11:30 PMClosed
Vehicle Engineering Design (VED) Q&A SessionsYYDec 8 – 22Online
Team Member Information Submission (TMI)YYYDec 14
HARMAN Automotive Innovation Challenge (Submission Details) YYYDec 23, 11:00 PMUpload Special Award
Cost Report (CRD, CSUP, CEXP)
DBOM: Engine and Drivetrain
CBOM: Brake and Steering System
YYDec 28Upload*
Extra Member TMI Fee PaymentYYDec 29
Cost and Manufacturing PrelimsYYJan 3 – 9Online
TMI – On-Site Participant Doc SubmissionYYJan 11TMI Upload Portal*
Main EventYYJan 19 – 24On-site

*The following are the portals for document submissions required specifically for the Formula Bharat competition and not separate contests:

Updated: January 11, 2024

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