Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

FSEV 2021

The purpose of the 5th Annual FSEV Concept Challenge (FSEV 2021) is to provide teams with an opportunity to conceptualize and design a Formula Student Electric Vehicle Powertrain Package which meets the Formula Bharat 2022 Rules booklet. Students will have to prepare documents / presentations for the following categories involved in the challenge:

  • FMEA Report
  • Procurement Strategy Report
  • Team Management Report
  • Software Integration Report
  • Design Specifications Sheet Report (DSS)
  • Engineering Design Presentation (EDP)
  • Q&A Sessions

FSEV 2021 shall use the following guidelines to prepare: Formula Bharat 2022 Rules booklet, specifically the section [T] General Technical Requirements and [EV] Electric Vehicles.

Due to the pandemic, FSEV 2021 will be held online.

FSEV 2021 Information Booklet V1 released. – April 13, 2021


Information Rules BookletFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 13, 2021
Registration and Payment GuideFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 7, 2021
Pre-Registration FormOpen till June 3
FMEA TemplateFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 7, 2021
DSS TemplateFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 7, 2021
SA TemplateFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 13, 2021
AI TemplateFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 13, 2021
Procurement Strategy RubricFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 8, 2021
Team Management Strategy RubricFSEV 2021 / V1 / April 8, 2021
Engineering Design RubricComing Soon
Software Integration RubricComing Soon

You may also visit for EV related resources and links.

Event Dates:

Unless specified otherwise, the deadline for submission is by 11:59 PM IST on the respective dates mentioned below.

Pre-RegistrationJune 3Refer to Form above
Fees PaymentJune 4Refer to document above
Q&A Session Slot SignupsJune 7 – 11Coming Soon
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Report (FMEA)June 25Upload
Procurement Strategy Report (PR)July 2Upload
Design Specifications Sheet (DSS)July 14Upload
Engineering Design Presentation (EDP)
within Supporting Document (SUP)
July 14Upload
Team Management Strategy Report (MGMT)July 16Upload
Software Integration ReportJuly 16Upload
Team Member Information (TMI)July 23Coming Soon
Judging Session DatesJuly 30 – August 1
Awards CeremonyAugust 4


Queries with regards to the competition’s various aspects must be directed to the relevant emails listed below:

Additionally, teams may also post their queries on

Registration Details:

  • Registration fee: INR 15000 + 18% GST (or as per tax applicable on invoice date), non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registration dates: April 7 – June 4, 2021
  • The registration fees include a complimentary participation of 15 students and a maximum participation of 25 students.
  • Only students from post-secondary institutions, with a graduation date of 2023 and above, are allowed to participate in this event. This rule is in full effect. Any team caught violating this clause will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Registered team members will receive electronic participation certificates.