FB2021 CV Engineering Design Review

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The Engineering Design Review for the FB2021 CV Teams will take place on Saturday February 20, from 11 AM IST onwards. The design review is a short presentation delivered by a few of the judges, of the pros and cons of the engineering design of the teams, what could have been done better and takeaways from the same.

On behalf of the Design Judging team at Formula Bharat, the recorded reviews of the judges will be aired on the Formula Bharat YouTube Channel at the scheduled times mentioned below:

11 AMPeter JonesEngineering Design Managementhttps://youtu.be/-GSyT9fJzv4
12 PMClaude RouelleVehicle Dynamics Qshttps://youtu.be/iPcsovwbwys
1 PMJayesh MahamuniCompositeshttps://youtu.be/I-spRqinVv4

This event is sponsored by Zuken India.

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