Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition


Formula Bharat and its sub-events are continuously being featured online on various mediums. We have done our best to compile this material on our site!


Please review the disclaimer at the bottom before downloading any of the media in the gallery.


Copyright Disclaimer:
All photos provided here can be used for Formula Bharat purposes only. Users are requested to indicate the source of any photos used by following these steps: Include ©FormulaBharat Shot by – (the name of the photographer), which is included as part of the file name. For videos, you must include ©FormulaBharat as credits at the end of the video.

Listed below are the photographers for Formula Bharat 2023, with their initials (file name) and full names:
DPP – Deep Pandit
VGN – Gopinath Venugopal
HRP – Hitanshu Raval
JDT – Jeemit Trivedi
KKS – Khushal Soni
SSK – Santhosh Kumar
SAV – Savio Simon Kolamkanny

Eg: ©FormulaBharat Shot by – Deep Pandit


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