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FB2019 Tentative Schedule for Teams

The following is the grounds map and tentative schedule specifically for participating teams at Formula Bharat 2019. Please note that there are a significant amount of schedule and layout changes… Read more »

Video Recap of Formula Bharat 2018

Do check out this exhilarating recap of the Formula Bharat 2018 competition, developed by Grid Motorsports. With over 2000 students, volunteers and visitors in attendance from all over the country, Formula Bharat has… Read more »

FSEV Statics Schedule

The following the static schedule for the FB2018 FSEV participating teams. FB2018 FSEV Statics Schedule

Deep Dive Topic at FB2018

As per Rule S 1.2.7, please see the Deep Dive Topic assigned at Formula Bharat 2018, which has to be a part of the 10-minute Business Presentation: “Financial Forecasts and… Read more »