Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition


The objective of the sub-events under Formula Bharat is to provide opportunities for participants to grow and develop their skills and knowledge base in the series. Below are a list of sub-events hosted under the Formula Bharat banner.

The Formula Bharat Academy is a series of workshops and complimentary life sessions with industry leaders, hosted to empower students with knowledge and tools to become better competitors on the Formula Student Platform. Recently, the series has included Students Conclave – an initiative meant to connect student teams with each other. As of 2022, Formula Bharat has also introduced the ‘Roadshow‘ where the organizing team travels to institutions all over India to host workshops. Click here to visit the Archive for past events.

Pi-EV formerly known as the FSEV Concept Challenge is an engineering design event focused on improving the platform of the Electric Category at Formula Bharat. Participants are required to present an engineering design concept of their EV Powertrain system in addition to team management and procurement strategies and Software Integration.
Click here to visit the Archive for past events.

The Formula Bharat Driverless Vehicle Workshop is a program dedicated towards providing you with the first steps of getting you into driverless technology. From online sessions with knowledge partners and industry experts, to final evaluations that will test your knowledge, this workshop intends to equip you with the tools necessary to get your foot into the industry!

Track Days by Formula Bharat is an event where Formula Student teams can bring their current and past FS vehicles for a day full of test driving along with their peers. This is a great opportunity for teams to test drive their vehicles in a safe environment while competing for the best lap-times.

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