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Alumni Network

Interested in sharing your experience and knowledge with student teams? Want to ensure that students don’t make the same mistakes that you did as a student on your FS team? Here is a great way to get involved.

The Alumni Network launched by Formula Bharat is a mentorship-based program with the goal to connect FS Alumni with participating student teams at Formula Bharat events and to facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and experience.

Through the Alumni Network, interested individuals may sign up on the form below and can select to be paired with up to 3 teams (that are registered in the current season). The level of commitment to the mentorship pairing is completely determined by the registered Alumni, however, we request that a minimum of at least three meetings / discussions (virtual / on-site) have been scheduled between the alumnus and their selected teams in order to ensure the success of the objectives of the program.



  • Opportunity for alumni to share and learn critical knowledge and skills that would enhance the mentored team’s performance.
  • Opportunity for alumni contribute to the career development of students while strengthening their leadership and communication skills.
  • Provision of a platform for alumni and participants where they can leverage one another as soundboard for advice, encouragement, perspective and career planning.
  • Provision of a platform for alumni and participants where they can build their professional networks while holding one another accountable to achieve their goals and priorities.


A pairing is initiated for a competition season. Once the alumni’s pairing with the team(s) has been confirmed and an introduction has been initiated by Formula Bharat’s administration, both parties may work out a schedule for furthering contact and discussions over the competition season. It is up to both parties whether if they wish to further contact post the season’s commencement.


  • Register via form, mention areas of expertise and select teams interested in being paired with.
  • Receive confirmation of pairing via email.
  • Receive introductory email for both parties with contact details.

Application Form:

Alumni Network Application Form!

Outreach and Partnerships Officer:

Ashhar Ahmed –

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