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Membership Session: Efficient Time Management and Productivity

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On Wednesday, November 1 at 8:00 PM IST, Niranjanaa Ashok and Ramakrishna B from Formula Barton Racing shall be presenting on the topic “Efficient Time Management and Productivity” as a part of the Membership by Formula Bharat initiative.


  1. Core principles of effective time management and productivity
  2. How to tackle the issue of procrastination, shedding light on strategies to overcome it.
  3. Comprehensive guide to goal setting
  4. A toolkit for time management tools and techniques
  5. Strategies to avoid burnout and maintain peak productivity 
  6. Q&A and additional resources

About the Team:

We’re Team FBR, a group of students from Government Engineering College Barton Hill. We’re on a mission to build the best EV car that follows the rules of Formula Bharat. We’re passionate and work together as a team. We share ideas, communicate, learn from each other, and solve problems as a group. This teamwork not only helps our project but also strengthens our relationships and helps us grow. As we face the challenges of engineering and design, we do it together, making our journey exciting.


This is an exclusive session for the members under the Membership by Formula Bharat initiative. Members can directly log into the Zoom session at

Members can register for the session here to claim Club & Individual Rewards

Interested in attending the session? Become a member at INR 750 and gain access to all the sessions scheduled for the year.