Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

“Helped us a lot during our stages of procurement.”

In 2018, we were deciding whether to switch to an Electric Vehicle or continue with combustion. That’s when we came across the FSEV concept challenge introduced by Formula Bharat. We all know that building an electric vehicle is a difficult affair but the FSEV Concept challenge is the first step to do so. For our team personally the feedback given by the judges helped us a lot during our initial design phase to improve and gain confidence. All of this was happening even before the electric vehicle season even started. This gave us a great head start. Another way in which FSEV helped us was with procurement. Everyone knows how difficult it is to procure electric vehicle components in India and we needed a detailed plan for the same. The procurement report which had to be submitted as part of the FSEV challenge helped us a lot during our stages of procurement and to get the components on time for us to assemble our car. All in all, we do say that FSEV is a great platform to start your Formula Student Electric Vehicle journey.

Team Octane Racing Electric
College of Engineering Pune
Winners of the 3rd Annual FSEV Concept Challenge 2019