Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

“The event was a huge eye-opener for us.”

Our team had 10-15 teammates who were dedicated towards our switch to EV for 2019. They were the ones who participated at the first FSEV Concept Challenge on-site. The event was a huge eye-opener for us. To be honest, we never went ahead with any of the components we had presented at the competition. We had to shuffle off everything and had to get back to ‘realistic’ roots. Nowadays, we see teams make the same mistakes that we did: they google off the best motor, the best batteries and they think they will win the challenge. But that’s not how the concept challenge works. Just because you are not building a product, doesn’t mean that you should list all the expensive components you find online and build a simulation off it to get a fast vehicle. We had realised this and that’s why we lost the first time around. In the same year, the team attended the next FSEV challenge at Ather Energy and they won it.

Team Kratos Racing Electric
Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering
Winners of the 2nd Annual FSEV Concept Challenge 2018