Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

“This competition can serve as a crucial stepping stone.”

The FSEV Concept Challenge was a great learning experience for us. It was a unique competition for us at the sophomore level, which gave us the exposure to designing and justifying our choice of decision for the complete powertrain package. The competition covered the crucial and practical aspects of manufacturing an EV. It also gave us an insight into the planning the logistics, operations and making a well-planned timeline through the Procurement Report. It made us ponder the budget and the risk mitigation aspects of project planning. Adding to that, the feedback that we received on the Team Management report rectified the flaws in the functioning of our team. The Q&A session with the judges prepared us for challenging our decisions from a more practical aspect. Their reviews helped us realise the validation and application point of view toward manufacturing. This competition can serve as a crucial stepping stone for any FS team trying to switch from a CV to an EV and will also be very helpful to the teams who already have an EV.

IIT Bombay Racing Team
IIT Bombay
Winners of the 5th Annual FSEV Concept Challenge 2021