Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

Special Award: Studio Clockwork Style Award 2019

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Studio Clockwork is pleased to announce the Studio Clockwork Style Award 2019 as a Special Award at the Formula Bharat 2019 competition.

Studio Clockwork is a cutting edge digital design company based in Mumbai. The company specializes in 3D modelling, 3D rendering and animation, and caters to various fields such as Product design, Transportation design, Architectural designs and Multimedia content.

As a part of this award, the company is looking for the team which has used a holistic approach towards the design aesthetic of their Formula Student vehicle. The winning team ideally shows technical solutions that are both great-looking and balanced with form and function, coupled with a high level of presentation and professionalism. The winner of the Studio Clockwork Style Award 2019 will receive a 3D printed Award and gets to collaborate with Studio Clockwork for 1 year as an advisor for vehicle styling & design.

The deadline for document submission towards this award is December 15, 2018. The submission link will be made available on

Click here to download the specifics of the Studio Clockwork Style Award 2019.