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Special Award: Fabheads Composites Tech Award 2019

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Fabheads Automation Pvt Ltd, Gold Sponsor of Formula Bharat 2019, is pleased to announce a special award design submission at the upcoming event. 

Increasing the power to weight ratio of a car is a primary objective of every race car designer. One way that has enabled them to increase this ratio is by shifting to lightweight composite materials. But to get maximum results, a completely new design methodology is required, keeping the new materials in mind. When done right, significant weight can be reduced at a minimal increase in the cost of fabrication. 

The aim of the Fabheads Composites Tech Award 2019 is to increase the awareness among the teams to effectively use composite materials in the design of their cars.

Click here to download the submission requirements towards the Fabheads Composites Tech Award 2019.

Deadline: January 7, 2019