Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

Winners of the HARMAN Automotive Innovation Challenge

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HARMAN Automotive is pleased to announce the winners of the HARMAN Automotive Innovation Challenge at Formula Bharat 2024. The winning ideas are mentioned in the table below.

AuthorsIdea titlePosition
Sai Siddharth S, AdithyaB, SrethanV PData privacy in ADAS using ML1st Place
M.Jashwanth1. Providing safety for passengers and other people on the road with their vehicles on
road while embarking from the car
2. Overcoming the
blindspots while opening car doors or off-roading for MPVs and SUVs.
2nd Place
Abhinav DamorAI-Driven Fatigue Detection for Enhanced Road Safety3rd Place

Congratulations to all the winners. The winners will be recognized at the Formula Bharat 2024 Awards Ceremony at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore on Jan 23, 2024