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EESC-USP Brasil on Team Management and Sponsorships

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On Saturday April 10 at 5:30 PM IST, Team EESC-USP Formula SAE of University of São Paulo, Brasil, shall be delivering an interactive virtual presentation on Team Management, People Organization, Fundraising and Sponsorships, via the Students Conclave initiative by Formula Bharat. This is a closed session and participants will be required to register via the form available on

Overview by Team EESC-USP Formula SAE

We are a team of engineering students from the University of São Paulo that design, builds, and tests a combustion prototype for the annual Formula SAE Brasil competitions. In 2019 we won ‘Best Project’ with our 20th car at the 16th Formula SAE Brasil Competition in Piracicaba. The team motto is ‘Mente Forte‘ – a Brazilian term for being resilient and strong during the challenging experience of building our prototype.

The ones who join our team live a different kind of life during university, showing and growing resilience, dedication, and hard work to never settle at where we are, and always pursuit more This is the product we sell, we love to recruit people who “buy” this idea so they can grow alongside the team, and we believe there is no better way to spend your 5 years in college.

We are pleased to be a part of the Students Conclave project with Formula Bharat, and we are happy to share our experiences with Team Management with you!


The session hosted will be of two hours and will cover the following topics:

  • Team Management
  • People Organization
  • Marketing (Fundraising & Sponsorships)

After each topic, the organizers will open a 15 minute QA round for questions relevant to that topic.

About the Speakers

Pedro Calorio

Former Captain and Head of Suspension and Steering

As a child, Pedro loved cars, especially race cars. It was one of the reasons he joined into University of São Paulo, to study Mechatronics Engineering in 2018. Right away he also joined the university’s Formula Student combustion team, within the Suspension and Steering department. It is where the passion for vehicle dynamics had begun and that passion hasn’t stopped growing since. In 2020, he became the Head of the suspension department and in the last half of the same year, he lead the team as Captain, dealing with multiple responsibilities.

Eduardo Oliveira

Current Captain and Former Head of Powertrain

Eduardo is a quadruplet in a family of dentists. He was always very interested in combustion engines and it has been a subject that always fascinated him. He joined the team in 2018, while pursuing the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of São Paulo. He onboarded on the Powertrain department of the team and in 2020, he was the head of the same. He currently leads the team as Captain.

Filipe Stecconi

Current Team’s Director and Former Head of Aerodynamics

Filipe went very far from home and family, to study Mechatronics Engineering at the University of São Paulo. He joined the team in 2018. In the first two years, he worked in the technical area of the team and now leads as the head of Aerodynamics. It has always been a dream for Filipe to work with CFD and aero design, and make it to Formula 1. Filipe’s current role is as the Principal Director of the team.

Victoria Gouveia

Current Marketing Manager

Victoria believes that actions are more important than words. She joined the University of São Paulo in February 2020 to pursue the Engineering of Materials and Composites Program. That same year, she joined the team and demonstrated a lot of proactivity and consistent work. Currently, Victoria supports the team as its Marketing Manager.

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