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ESO Training for FB2021

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Under the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is understandable that students registered to teams participating in the Electric Class at Formula Bharat 2021, may be unable to acquire theoretical training for working with HV power systems provided by an external technical testing organization (as per Rule A4.8.10).

As such, the Formula Bharat team has put together a training module followed by an assessment, which must be completed by all individuals who will be appointed as ESOs on the team. The following training listed below does not over-rule the requirement for these students to seek practical training, once restrictions are lifted.

Students may also take the opportunity to enroll in online courses provided by other educational organizations on High Voltage safety training.


  1. EV Safety Awareness Training document
    • Located in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder on Google Drive > 10_EV Only > Training
  2. Battery Safety Session
    • Hosted on June 14 (Visit Academy)
    • Recording will be made available for those unable to attend.
  3. ESO Assessment
    • From June 15 onwards, an online assessment will be made available for appointed ESOs to complete. This assessment will cover the material provided in #1 and #2.
    • The link to this assessment will be found on Deadlines.
    • A max of 4 ESOs can be appointed by a team (Refer to Rule A4.8)

ESO-ESA Submission

The method of submission towards the ESO-ESA deadline will be modified to accommodate the current national scenario. While majority of the requirements listed on the previous year’s template will still be required, the method of submission will change. Participating teams shall be informed of this change.

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