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FB2018 Registration Quiz – Less than a week!

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In order to be prepared for the registration rules quiz, please ensure that you have reviewed all documents / links mentioned on the Registration page:

  • Quiz preparation: Formula Student 2017 Rules Document AND FB2018 Rules Addendum
  • Registration and Rules Quiz Procedure: (FB2018) Registration Information
**The (FB2018) Registration Information package has had an update with regards to the Quiz details. Please review at the earliest.

Important Note: All pre-registered teams pre-registered before 3 PM on April 15th should have received an email titled “FB2018 Registration quiz in less than a week!”. For those who have setup automatic forwarding to other email addresses, ensure that the primary address provided during pre-registration is used to attempt the quiz. Mismatch between email addresses and the selected team name will result in a disqualification of the rank, and the next correct-match submission shall be ranked.


  • Thoroughly review both the rules booklet and respective addendum.
  • Don’t rush. Mismatch with email address and team name can result in disqualification.
  • Don’t rush. You will return back to the quiz section if any answer was incorrect. That will cost you time.
  • Surround yourself with all team members who are thorough with the rules and addendum documents.
  • Ensure that your risks are covered: bad weather, faulty internet connection, power outages, poor laptop / desktop hardware / software.
Access Formula Bharat Downloads folder:

Accessing – Formula Bharat Downloads


Teams that have made it within the top 60 quiz competition entries shall have until April 26 to complete full or partial payment. Payment details are available on the Formula Bharat Downloads folder on Google Drive.

  • Formula Bharat Downloads > 1_Registration and Payment > Fee Payment Instructions.


If there are any queries, in addition to those already answered, please do not hesitate to contact us at formulabharat(@)