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Accessing – Formula Bharat Downloads

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*Updated May 31, 2020

Many downloads and guidelines available to teams are only made accessible to the email addresses who have joined Formula Bharat Mailing Lists. These documents are available on a folder called ‘Formula Bharat Downloads‘ on Google Drive.

Steps to access Formula Bharat Downloads  folder:

  • Log on to any of the registered email addresses.
  • Connect to the linked drive of the email address (or alternatively, visit
  • On the left bar, below ‘My Drive’, you will be able to see ‘Shared with me’.
  • Click on ‘Shared with me’. This shall take you to all the files and folders shared by other drives with your email address.
  • You should be able to see the folder ‘Formula Bharat Downloads’.
  • If in the case you are unable to view the folder, please type ‘Formula Bharat Downloads’ in the Search Bar in Google Drive and the folder should show up.
  • (Optional Step): You may choose to manually drag the folder ‘Formula Bharat Downloads’ into ‘My Drive’ so that it shall be easy to access further on. However do remember that any non-Google-App files in the folder may take up your storage space on ‘My Drive’.


What sort of documents can be found in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder?

Documents such as Fees Payment Instructions, submission formats of important documents, guidelines on how to submit documents online, TMI submissions etc. can be found in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder.

I am on a participating team and I would like to gain access to the folder as well?

Join our Mailing List. Follow instructions on our Downloads page.