Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

FB2023: Viewing areas for Track Events and Bridge Availability

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Viewing Area:

This is to inform you that the Marquee (Above the Hot Pits / Location 12 on Map) is available for participants and visitors to view track events today and tomorrow.

With the facility available, kindly maintain the following safety protocol:

– Kindly maintain a safe distance from the balcony edging.

– Please do not sit or lean on the balcony edging.

– There will be people standing / moving / sitting under the marquee, on the lower level. Hence please do not operate any devices on the balcony edging, as accidents are possible

Non-Availability of Bridge for Photographer / Spotter pass holders:

The bridge near Event Control is not available for Photographer / Spotter pass holders provided to teams. It is only to be used by Event Volunteers and Event Staff for crossing. It may be used by participants who wish to attend the Brose recruitment drive at the Media Center on the other side of the track.

Those with Photographer / Spotter passes can only access the Media Zones as shown on the map, only while their team’s vehicle is on the track. The yellow vests can be collected from the security at the Dynamic Gate and must be returned upon exit.

Failure to follow the above safety protocol will result in the application of penalties as mentioned under A3.2 and A3.3 in the rules book.


For any concerns, please visit Event Control on-site.