Formula Bharat

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FB2023 Endurance Running Order

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The following is the Endurance Running Order for teams that have qualified for the Endurance event at Formula Bharat 2023 which will take place from 10:00 AM onwards on Tuesday, January 24.

The teams listed below must arrive in the order below starting 10:00 AM or they shall forfeit their ability to participate.

Edited after original post

Starting with:

10:05 amC36Team Sakthi Racing
10:15 amC09Eclipse Racing
10:15 amC13Force Ikshvaku Racing
10:35 amC08STES Racing
10:35 amC22Team Maverick
10:45 amC04Formula Manipal
11:00 amC03Veloce Racing
11:00 amC32Team Stallions
11:30 amE16STES Stallion Motorsport Electric
11:30 amE15Team Octane Racing Electric
11:45 amE01Team Kratos Racing Electric

For concerns, contact Event Control on-site.