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Making Engineering Graduates Engineers by Sirius Motorsports

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Greetings Formula Bharat participants!

You have made tremendous advancements with your vehicle & suspension design, manufacturing and CFD. 

– But what about your Engine Calibration and Control Strategies?

– What if we told you, you can learn how to calibrate and tune your engines in just 4 weeks?

– What if you could take that learning and develop an entire control system, the same way OEMs do?

 -What if you could test and run real time simulations on your control systems just the way OEM R&Ds do?

Sounds interesting? 
This is exactly what Automotive OEMs do and all the more reason why you should learn these essential skills as well. Learn these and get yourselves prepared for a automotive career!

Spare just 60 minutes of your time – Click here and sign up for our webinar! In one hour, we’ll tell you what exactly you need to do, to land an automotive R&D Job. 

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