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Formula Bharat: Introducing the EV Kit for Teams

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Formula Bharat is in the process of introducing an EV Kit prototype formulated for new Formula Student teams interested in beginning their FS journey in the Electric Vehicle Category. This EV Kit will primarily focus on covering major components within the EV Powertrain system, thereby providing a seamless pathway for new teams into the electrifying world of EV technology.

The Vision

The EV Kit is strategically crafted to:

  • Facilitate Smooth Transition: Facilitate a seamless transition for CV teams to kick-start their journey in the EV category, and for new FS teams to launch into the EV category.
  • Focus on Design and Dynamics: Eliminate logistical challenges posed during the procurement stage of EV Powertrain components, thereby enabling teams to focus on the basics of engineering design and vehicle dynamics.
  • Expert Integration Support: Provide guidance for the seamless integration of motors and controllers.
  • Compliance and Regulation: Assist teams in designing rule-compliant battery packs.
  • Comprehensive Components: Offer a complete EV powertrain package, including motors, controllers, cells, and battery management systems.
  • Network Expansion: Connect teams with trusted vendors for hassle-free procurement of EV components.


The Formula Bharat team has proposed the EV Kit for the following reasons:

  • Unreliable Vendor Networks
  • Logistical Challenges
  • Integration Issues
  • Inefficient Design-to-Procurement Process
  • Slow Down at Tech to Track
  • Excessive Focus on Accumulator with little design detail to the rest of the vehicle

What’s Inside the EV Kit?

The EV Kit encompasses essential components such as the motor, motor controller, cells, battery management system, and access to vendor networks for procuring additional EV components. Customizable to suit your team’s specific needs, this kit serves as a gateway to kickstarting your journey with a rule-compliant powertrain package.

Target teams

  • Teams participating in the FB2025 EV category – Tailored for teams participating in the FB2025 EV category, this kit offers convenient access to essential EV powertrain components through established vendor connections.
  • Teams participating in the FB2026 EV category – Ideal for teams making the transition to the EV category in 2026, the EV Kit provides comprehensive support for the design, procurement, and development of rule-compliant battery packs.

Accelerate Your Progress

By utilizing the EV Kit, teams gain valuable insights into working with a rule-compliant EV system. With the flexibility to refine based on testing data, this kit propels teams towards continuous improvement and peak performance in the Formula Bharat competition.

Get ready to enhance your Formula Bharat competition journey with Formula Bharat’s EV Kit, streamlining your transition and unlocking new potentials in electric mobility.