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Six ideas shortlisted from the HARMAN Automotive Innovative Challenge

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HARMAN Automotive is pleased to announce the six shortlisted ideas submitted towards the HARMAN Automotive Innovation Challenge at Formula Bharat 2024. The shortlisted ideas are mentioned in the table below.

Abhinav DamorAI-Driven Fatigue Detection for Enhanced Road Safety
M. Jashwanth1. Providing safety for passengers and other people on road with their vehicles on road while embarking from car
2. Overcoming the blindspots while opening car doors or off roading for MPVs and SUVs.
Rashi Sharma, Ritik ShahIOT and ML based Traffic prevention and Accident alert system
Rohan ChananaSeamless Integration of Autonomous Parking and Wireless Charging for Electric Mobility
Sai Siddharth S, AdithyaB, SrethanV PData privacy in ADAS using ML
Amutha Saravanan V, Nalvetha B, ShivagomathiK KOverlading monitor in Trucks

Congratulations to the finalists!

Further steps:

The applicants for the selected ideas will now pitch their ideas on January 17, 2024. Each idea will get 10 mins for presentation and 5 mins for Q&A.

The content for the pitch should include (but is not limited to):

  • Problem description
  • Solution provided
  • High-level implementation details (if it is AI, then what kind of algorithms?)
  • Approximate R&D cost
  • Duration required for POC
  • How the applicant would want to associate with HARMAN

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