Academy Series: Battery Modelling

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On December 4 at 6:30 PM IST, Ather Energy will be hosting a session on ‘Battery Modelling‘ through the Formula Bharat Academy series. The session will be presented by Yashwanth Vellala and Sreenivasa Palla from the System Modeling Team at Ather Energy.

The purpose of this session is to stimulate thought-provoking discussions amongst the engineers involved in developing the battery system. The following topics shall be covered:

  • An external perspective – where you model the context or environment of the system.
  • An interaction perspective – where you model the interactions between a system and its environment or between the components of a system.
  • A structural perspective – where you model the organization of a system or the structure of the data that is processed by the system.
  • A behavioral perspective – where you model the dynamic behavior of the system and how it responds to events.

This live session is complimentary for all participants. The link will be made available 30 mins prior to the session on

About Ather Energy:

Ather Energy has built India’s first intelligent electric scooter. The company manufactures two scooter models at present – 450 and 450X. They have also established an electric vehicle charging network called AtherGrid.

The company is based in Bengaluru and was founded in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. A manufacturing facility is set up in Whitefield, Bengaluru and they own and operate their own experience centers (called AtherSpace) to give our customers a complete ownership experience. The company has also recently launched the Ather 450X, which is set to hit 10 cities across India by the end of 2020.