Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition


The Formula Bharat 2024 competition shall be taking place at the Kari Motor Speedway this January 2024 and it is open to visitors.

Visitor Entry Dates and Times

  • Sat, January 20: 11 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sun, January 21 thru Tue, January 24: 9 AM – 5:30 PM


Visitor Fees

Visitors may purchase their passes Online or at the Registration booth On-site.

Early Bird Tickets: SOLD OUT

Visitors may purchase week passes (applicable entry on all days from Jan 20 until Jan 24) online at a early bird discounted rate until Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Proof of online ticket purchase must be presented at the registration desk on-site.

Student / Club Member under the Membership by Formula Bharat program375Now available under Discounted Events page on
Withdrawn FB2024 Participant without Formula Bharat Membership375Please send an email via the registered Team Captain to
Visiting students through a FB2024 Participating team375Please send an email via the registered Team Captain to
Everyone (not in the above categories)440Payment Link

*Invoicing for bulk ticket purchases is possible. Email for details.

Regular Ticket Sales:

Visitors may choose to purchase passes at the Registration Desk on-site or online, beginning from January 20. Visitor passes will be sold in two categories.

Full Week pass: Visitor Pass applicable from Jan 20 thru Jan 24500Pass can be purchased anytime between Jan 20 thru Jan 22 at on-site Registration desk or Online.
Payment Link
Dynamic Events pass: Visitor pass applicable from Jan 23 thru Jan 24300Pass can be purchased anytime between Jan 23 thru Jan 24 at on-site Registration desk.

There is no ATM on site. All transactions on-site are in cash or via UPI. Please bring exact change for cash purchases. Note that because of the high volume of on-site attendees, reliable data connection for using UPI apps like GPay may not be available readily at all times.

Disclaimer and Notes

  • Visitor passes are non-refundable once purchased.
  • Visitor passes are non-transferable once a visitor pass has been issued at the registration desk.
  • Visitor passes only cover entry for event. There are no extras allotted (such as food coupons, entry into dynamic areas, etc.)
  • Only events marked under Zone Type [P] in the Event Schedule are open to visitors.
  • Visitor passes for all days include entry to Presentations Stage area.
  • Visitors will receive a wristband upon registration on grounds which must be worn at all times.
  • All visitors are required to sign a liability waiver upon entering grounds. Those under 18 years of age, are required to be accompanied by an adult.
  • No pets are allowed, except for Guide Dogs.
  • Visitors may bring food and non-alcoholic drinks from outside. However, there is a food vendor on-site as well.
  • No smoking zone. Individuals are allowed to smoke outside the event gates [E] located near the registration booth. No smoking is allowed on the event site.
  • Visitor passes do not allow access to restricted areas such as
    • Hot Pits
    • Dynamic Tracks
    • Technical Inspections
    • Static Events Judging (Design, Cost)
    • Volunteer Lounge
    • VIP Lounge

While there is an opportunity to interact with the student teams in the Paddock Area, please be mindful that many are preparing for tech inspections, static events or dynamic events.

Thank you for your interest in Formula Bharat 2024. For any concerns, please email us at