FB2020 Quiz Results and Teams List

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The Formula Bharat 2020 Registration Quiz took place on Saturday June 8 at 7 PM IST for Combustion category and 7:30 PM IST for Electric category. A total of 80 CV teams and 31 EV teams participated in the quiz for available 60 CV spots and 15 EV spots, respectively. The results were tabulated based on the end time of the first 100% passing attempt. The teams had a total of 5 attempts available to them. The number of attempts did not play a role in the final results tabulation.

The results of the quiz and the list of registered teams can be found on www.formulabharat.com/teams.

Teams on the Waitlist will only be able to move into the Registered list for FB2020 when a spot opens up in their respective category. The Waitlist closes on August 9, 2019.

Quiz Results Update: Last update 5:35 PM June 9, 2019

  • #1 – CV Quiz: ‘Shutdown Button’ question removed from tally. Results re-tallied.
  • #2 – CV Quiz: Team ‘Kalam’ results missing. Passing attempt included in results and re-tallied.