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Formula Bharat 2024 Host Teams Program: Accelerating Unity and Support!

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Host Teams Program

Are you a travelling team ready to hit the track, or a powerhouse, eager to extend a helping hand? Whether you’re zooming in from different corners of India or even crossing borders, the Host Teams Program is here to support you! We’re excited to introduce the Formula Bharat 2024 Host Teams Program, designed to foster collaboration and support among participating teams.

What is the Host Teams Program?

The Host Teams Program is a collaborative effort to create a supportive network within the Formula Bharat community. Local Formula Student teams, known as Host Teams, open their arms to assist and connect with Travelling Teams. The goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and ensure that every team has a smooth experience prior, during and after the on-site event in January, 2024.

Who can sign up to be a Host Team?

Any Formula Student team based in ‘arrival cities’, including but not limited to Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, and neighbouring areas, can step up to be a Host Team. Whether you are a seasoned Formula team or new to the competition, your willingness to extend a helping hand makes you a perfect candidate. In simple words, Host Teams could be any Formula Student team, gearing up to welcome and assist travelling teams from across India and around the globe.

What Does It Mean to Be a Host Team?

As a Host Team, you will be the local ambassadors, offering support to Travelling Teams *prior or/and during the competition* in any or all areas such as:

  • Accommodation: Help travelling teams find suitable and affordable places to stay.
  • Testing Area: Provide access to testing facilities for vehicle fine-tuning and vehicle test runs, prior to the competition.
  • Workshop Space: Offer shared workspace for any last-minute adjustments or fixes.
  • Travel and Transport Assistance: Guide teams on local transportation and logistics.

What are the Benefits of Being a Host Team?

  • Cultural Exchange: Share the excitement of Formula Student while immersing visiting teams in the rich tapestry of your local culture.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers from around the country and the world. Forge bonds with teams from all corners of India and beyond, creating a network that spans the Formula Student universe.
  • Contribute to the Community: Be a part of creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere at Formula Bharat 2024. Collaborate on technical know-how, share expertise, and push the boundaries of innovation together.

Who can sign up as a Travelling Team?

  • If you are a Formula Student team participating in Formula Bharat 2024, and are journeying from across India or
  • if you are an International Team

… basically if you’re making the exciting trip to Coimbatore for Formula Bharat 2024, we’re here to assist to make your journey seamless.

What Travelling Teams Could Expect?

  • Accommodation Assistance: The host teams open their doors to provide a comfortable stay prior & during the event. If not within their campus or at their hostel, the host team would assist with hotel / guest house contacts for your perusal.
  • Workshop Spaces: Need a place to fine-tune your machine? Host teams would offer workshop spaces equipped with the tools you need.
  • Testing Area Access: Enjoy exclusive access to testing areas for test runs and last minute fixes.
  • Travel and Transport Assistance: Get guidance on local transportation and logistical support.
  • And more: That’s not all, if there are other areas where you need assistance, do let us know.

How does the Program Work?

  • Fill the Host Teams Program Form. Select if you are a host team or a travelling team.
  • Preferences and areas of assistance: Specify your requirements and needs, if you’re a travelling team. If you are a host team, let us know in which area you can provide assistance.
  • Connection: The Formula Bharat organizing team will match you with the perfect host/travelling team, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience.

Get ready to experience Formula Student like never before – where the thrill of the track meets the warmth of local hospitality!

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