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FB2024 Update: Class Removal

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The organizers of Formula Bharat have decided to eliminate Class I at Formula Bharat 2024, subsequently doing away with the Class distinction in the competition. This decision was made after consulting with majority of the teams in our database on their intention to participate in Class I at the competition. Due to the lack of interest in Class I by teams and an understanding that there would be a reduced level of competitiveness within Class I, the organizers have decided that it would be preferable to eliminate the Class distinction at the Formula Bharat 2024 competition.

To accommodate the update, the following webpages and documents have been updated:

  • Formula Bharat Downloads:
    • Rules and Supporting documents > FB2024_Rules_V2-0_05132023.pdf
    • Registration and Payment > FB2024_Registration and Payment Guide_V3_05132023.pdf
    • Registration and Payment > FB2024_Quiz Guide_V2_05132023
  • Deadlines

If there are any concerns with the above announcement, please reach out to formulabharat(@)