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FB2020 Electric Category Announcement – Modification to Rule A2.4 Second Year Vehicles

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The following announcement is for teams interested in participating in the Electric Category at the Formula Bharat 2020 competition. 

While the Formula Bharat 2020 Rules Book is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2019, Rule A2.4 Second Year Vehicles as mentioned in the Formula Bharat 2019 Rule Book, shall not be applicable to teams competing within the Electric Category at Formula Bharat 2020 (i.e. teams registered in the Electric Category may participate with a ‘Second Year Vehicle’ at FB2020).


For those considering the Electric Category at Formula Bharat and have not participated in the same category previously or in the FSEV Concept Challenge, we strongly encourage you to have a 1.5 year design start, if this is your first time venturing into the EV space.

The reasons for this include (and are not limited) to the following:

  • Budget – The budget for a first-time Electric Vehicle vehicle (including other team expenses) will be more than twice of a Combustion Vehicle / Team budget. EV tools are quite expensive and it is important for a team to invest in this in the earlier stages i.e. prior to build phase.
  • Procurement – Many components on an EV drivetrain may take up 6-8 months to procure / receive.
  • Team – Switching from a typical 3/4 Mech- 1/4 Elec team to a 1/2 Mech-1/2 Elec team structure in a short amount of time is a challenge.
  • Documentation – Twice as many documents are required for an EV team, compared to a CV team. These documents are also very detail-oriented and time-extensive.

If your team is interested in getting a head-start in the EV Category, consider participating at the FSEV Concept Challenge in 2019, Save the Dates!

  • FSEV Concept Challenge 2019
  • Ather Energy HQ, Bengaluru
  • Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • Registration details will be up on soon

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