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Electrical System Officer (ESO) Training with SkillShark – Jan 15 & 16, 2022

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Over the past few months, Formula Bharat has worked with SkillShark EduTech to develop an EV Safety Training course that is reflective of the ESO training required by the Formula Student rules. This course has been created to help address the difficulty faced by participants in receiving certified training in this area.

SkillShark EduTech has currently added a new training date (January 15 & 16, 2022) for its course titled “Electric Vehicle Safety Fundamentals“. This will be instructed by Ashhar Ahmed, Co-Founder of SkillShark. The assessment and the certification of this course shall be administered by the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) and Skill India.



Course Type: Instructor Led Training

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand EV Architecture
  • Understand High Voltage & Low Voltage System
  • Understand Safety Risks & Design Mitigation
  • Explore Protective Equipment for EV
  • Explore HV Tools
  • Understand EV Safety Management
  • Understand SOP & First Aid for EV Accidents
  • Be capable of confidently applying concepts related to Electric Vehicle Safety

Course Outputs:

  • 6 Hours Instructor Led Training
  • Live Interaction
  • Assessment
  • Reference e-Books
  • Reference Study Material
  • Certification

Upcoming Course Slot

  • Jan 15-16, 2022

Course Delivery: Online

Registration Fee: INR 1600 per participant


You may contact SkillShark EduTech at:

  • 9028095540

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is it mandatory for EV participants at Formula Bharat to go through SkillShark only for their ESO training?

It is recommended, but not mandatory for participants to choose SkillShark as a provider of this training. However, if participants choose to go with another training provider, they must submit a certificate of completion of the training, along with a list of topics covered in the training, for verification towards the ESO document submission.

2. Who is required to take up such a training?

While this training is applicable to all team members involved with the manufacturing and testing of an electric vehicle, this training is mandatory for ESOs. As per A4.8 of the Formula Bharat rules book, every participating team has to appoint one to four ESOs for the competition. The ESOs are responsible for all electrical work carried out on the vehicle during the competition. The ESOs are the only persons in the team who may declare the vehicle electrically safe, in order for work to be performed on any system of the vehicle by the team.

3. How will the course be delivered and in which language?

The course will be delivered online. The course modules will be delivered in English.

4. What is the course duration?

SkillShark has chosen dates for the training on weekends. The course is a total of 6 hours, with 3 hours split between two days. The assessment conducted by ASDC and SkillShark will take place a week after the course delivery.

5. Will participants receive certificates?

Yes, participants will receive an e-certificate which conveys their participation and successful completion of assessment in the training module. This e-certificate is provided by ASDC.

6. Will the certificate have an expiry date?

As of now, there is no expiry date allotted to the certification.

7. What are the course fees?

SkillShark in collaboration with ASDC have priced the course at INR 1600 per participant.

8. Who can we contact for further course details?

You may contact SkillShark EduTech at:

  • 9028095540