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Driverless Workshop: Participate in the quiz to avail discount

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Missed the Early Bird Registration deadline for the Driverless Vehicle Workshop? We have got some good news for you! Here’s your chance to win a registration fee discount worth INR 1000 through this interactive online quiz!

Note: This discount cannot be added to the discounted fee already available to Student and Club members under Membership by Formula Bharat, towards the registration fee of the Driverless Vehicle Workshop.

When and Where?

The quiz will be live on Formula Bharat’s Instagram story on Friday, August 18 at 6:00 PM IST.

Steps to follow:

*Note that all communication for this quiz will take place via Instagram direct message (DM)

  • Step 1: Send us an Instagram DM with the correct answers to the Quiz.
  • Step 2: Reshare the following reel (click here) on your Instagram story. (In case your account is private, you can Instagram DM us a screenshot of the story)
  • Step 3: Comment ‘Reposted’ on the same reel.
  • Step 4: Instagram DM once you have completed all the steps to enter the lottery!

Winner announcement:

Five winners will be chosen at random via a lottery system and, the winners will be announced on August 19 at 4 PM IST on Formula Bharat’s Instagram channel.

Each winner will receive a discount code that can be applied only once to the Driverless Vehicle Workshop’s registration fee by the registration deadline.

Registrations for Formula Bharat’s Driverless Vehicle Workshop end on August 30, 2023.