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Welcoming Startup TN as an Ecosystem Partner of the series

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce its partnership with Startup TN as an ‘Ecosystem Partner.’ This collaboration will significantly contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tamil Nadu and India, empowering the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs.

About Startup TN:

StartupTN is building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tamil Nadu to global standards. Startups play a significant role in solving crucial problems with original and unique models. Further, they are proven sources of fuel for innovation, job creation, and ultimately the economy. The vision is for Tamil Nadu to become one of the top 20 global Startup destinations by 2032, based on internationally recognized criteria, and to enable groundbreaking innovative and wealth-creating ventures while also establishing a supportive Startup ecosystem that emphasizes distributed wealth creation, innovative job opportunities, triple bottom line accountability, investor trust, ethical and logical revenue models, and democratized equal growth opportunities for other nations to emulate.

To know more about Startup TN visit: