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The Altair Sponsorship for Formula Bharat 2024 teams

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Altair is awarding INR 10,000 per team actively registered at Formula Bharat 2024, based on their participation in the ‘Altair Sponsorship for Formula Bharat 2024 teams’. The winning amount will be awarded to the first 25 teams who successfully complete the steps below, and it will be available on first-come-first-serve basis.

Are you eligible to participate in the ‘Altair Sponsorship for Formula Bharat 2024 teams’?

  1. Teams registered at Formula Bharat 2024 who are already utilizing Altair products are eligible to apply for the Altair Sponsorship. Teams who have already applied for Altair products’ sponsorship are also eligible.
  2. Teams enrolled in the Altair Sponsorship must be actively participating in the Formula Bharat 2024 competition. Teams that have registered but withdrawn from the event are not eligible.
  3. As part of the Altair Sponsorship, Altair will issue a commercial grade license to the team. Hence it is mandatory that the team must provide an official email ID issued by the institution to the student or faculty in charge (Gmail / Yahoo domain email IDs will not be entertained).
  4. Teams (i.e. at least one student member on a team) must participate in the Altair Global Student Contest [] (where participants can win upto USD 1050 every month!). Download the brochure here!

How can you apply towards the ‘Altair Sponsorship for Formula Bharat 2024 teams’?

In order to participate in the Altair Sponsorship, teams must download the following files, complete them and submit the completed files to Please mark the email subject line as “FB2024 – Car # Team Name – Altair Sponsorship”.

  1. Terms & Consent Form
  2. Team Info
  3. Software License Agreement
  4. Request form for Academic Lab License

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For any queries reach out to:
Pavan Kalyan D – 7329096314 –
Vikram Bharadwaj – 8688175740 –

So what are you waiting for? Apply for the Altair Sponsorship today!