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Mathworks to deliver on Vehicle Modeling Using MATLAB and Simulink at the FB Academy

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The Formula Bharat Academy for the 2019 season is scheduled to take place in Pune, Delhi and Chennai later this September. In addition to the topics covered during the event, MathWorks will be delivering a 90 minute mini-project presentation on Vehicle Modeling Using MATLAB and Simulink.

In this session, participants will be introduced to MATLAB and Simulink. Participants will learn the basics of Simscape and delve into some of the example models with Formula Student applications. MathWorks shall present an example where participants will learn to create vehicle model using physical connections that directly integrate with block diagrams. After exploring the basic model, participants will also learn how to follow a certain drive cycle using a PID controller.

One of the vehicle types available in MathWorks’ Vehicle Dynamics Blockset.

An introduction to Vehicle Dynamics Blockset shall be made, where a simulation shall be conducted on a full vehicle dynamics model. Participants can create their own versions, providing a framework to test if their vehicle meets the design requirements under normal and extreme driving conditions. Participants can also use the reference application for vehicle dynamics ride and handling analysis and chassis controls development, including the dynamic steering response.

MathWorks’ Vehicle Dynamics Blockset simulating a double lane change maneuver.

Further, MathWorks will present how to use the Unreal Engine to visualize and compare results in an intuitive manner.


For details on how to register for the FB Academy, visit Registration closes on September 1, 2019.