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Social Media Contest and Program Submissions

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We have a few updates for you:


The Media team at Formula Bharat has come up with an exciting social media contest, the winner of which shall receive a Popular Team award at the Awards Ceremony at the end of the Formula Bharat 2017 competition.

The contest involves each team submitting a rendered image (CAD or other) of their vehicle by November 25th. Formula Bharat shall upload your team’s image on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by December 3rd. The number of likes shall be counted off your team’s image on all the social media links provided and an algorithm will be used to determine the score. Higher weight-age will be given to the number of likes given on team’s posters showcased on Twitter and Instagram.

SCORE = Lf + 2*Lt + 2*Li
Lf: Total number of likes on team’s vehicle image on FB’s Facebook page
Lt: Total number of likes on team’s vehicle image on FB’s Twitter page
Li: Total number of likes on team’s vehicle image on FB’s Instagram page

Shares / Retweets, and Likes on shared / retweeted posts do not count.

Submission requirements:
– Rendered image of team’s vehicle that will be participating at Formula Bharat 2017
– Formula Bharat Logo on Top-Right corner of image, in it’s original form (do not recolor, grayscale or modifed, except for resizing)
– Car # and Team Name on bottom right of image (Text in black, Arial font, and text background in white) Click here for Sample Image
– Size of file should not be greater than 2 MB and in .JPG / .JPEG format.
– Submit image to with Subject Line as <Car Number – Team Name – Social Media Contest > (Eg. Car 14 – Ashwa Racing – Social Media Contest).

Deadline for submission:
Friday, November 25 by 11:59 PM

Deadlines to gather the most number of likes on their image:
Facebook: Friday, January 6 by 11:59 PM
Twitter and Instagram: Saturday, January 7 by 11:59 PM



Formula Bharat 2017 shall be distributing Program Booklets at the event which contain information on the event, participating teams, sponsors and volunteers.

The action deadline for Program Submission is optional for teams. The image your team sends in towards the Social Media Contest shall be used to represent your team’s listing in the Program Booklet.

Please note that the deadline for the Program Submission has now been moved to November 25, 2016.


For any concerns on either the Social Media Contest or Program Submissions, please direct your queries to