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Revised requirements for Photographic Submissions (due Oct 21)

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**Email sent out to participating teams on September 28, 2016

This is to inform you that the requirements for Photographic Submission (S7.2 – S7.5 in the Rules Book), due on October 21, 2016, have been revised.

Requirements may have reduced, procedure for submission has changed and there has been more info provided with regards to each photo required.

Documents uploaded:

  • Photographic Submissions Checklist (Printable)- Revised checklist; NOT FOR SUBMISSION
  • Photographic Submission Procedures – ‘Google Slides’ – [STUDENT VERSION] – Please review guidelines to understand submission procedures.
  • Photographic_Submission_ TEMPLATE -Submissions need to be used via this template. Under ‘File’, select ‘Make a copy’ and make additions to the newly copied file.A folder named ‘Photographic Submission’ has been been created in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder on Google Drive, which contains the checklist, procedures and template documents. This is the only folder that has been given ‘viewing’ access to the public.

Documents / Pages updated:
The documents located in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder on Google Drive, _LogBook and _Addendum to Rules (in 0_Rules and Supporting documents folder) have been updated to reflect the changes accordingly.

The Action Deadlines page on has been updated as well.

For any concerns and queries with regards to the submission method, please email at