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Important Information and Upcoming Deadlines (SES, SRCF, IAD) – July 22

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(Sent via email on July 4)

The following documents are due on July 22 by 11:59 PM IST:
– Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES)
– Structural Requirements Compliance Form (Alt. Frames Rule Document) (SRCF) [OPTIONAL: For those whose Notice of Intent to build to the Alternative Frame Rules have been approved]
– Impact Attenuator Data (IAD)

**Please read and understand the following:

Submission Deadlines:

Submission Deadlines are located on the website under Team Info > Action Deadlines. Missing deadlines results in penalties. Please refer to the Rules Book for penalties applied.

Please do not wait to the last minute to submit the documents. We do not take any responsibility if the Upload link ‘hangs’ due to high server load closer to the hour of the deadline.

As a suggestion, print your own list of deadlines and mark it a day early. This will prepare you for submitting the documents on time and avoiding late submissions.

Do not send incomplete documents to meet deadlines. You will be penalized.

Submission Procedure:

The submission procedures for documents are noted on the Action Deadlines page. ‘Upload’ links will be online at least 5 days before the deadline. Instructions on how the ‘Upload’ feature works will be made available by then as well.

The upload feature allows a maximum of 11 MB per file.

Please note that your document must be submitted as ‘Car#_TeamName_FileName_Year’. Do note that it is Team Name and not School Name as listed in the rules book. Example: 14_InfinitiRacing_IAD_2017

Teams with Car numbers 1-9, should list their car number with ‘0’ as the first digit. For example, 03_PravegaRacing_SES_2017

Your Team Name should match the details provided upon Pre-Registration, listed here.

Rules Book, Documents and Access:

Please refer to the most updated Rules Book (FB_2017_RULES_V1.1.pdf) and documents to be submitted located in the Formula Bharat Downloads folder on Google Drive. Team emails and Team Captain’s emails provided upon pre-registration have access. If you would like more team members to have access to this folder, please send us their email addresses from the registered email addresses to

Queries on Rules:

For queries on the rules and submissions (only after you have reviewed the rules book first!), you may contact The Rules Committee shall try to respond quickly to inquiries, however do note that response to inquiries within 3 days of the deadline may be delayed.

When submitting your inquiry, please list your Car # and Team Name in the subject line (Example: Car 01 Formula Manipal: <Subject>) and in your signature.

If your team has not yet been assigned a Car # as you are in the process of moving from the Waitlist to the Participating list, please provide your Team Name only.

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