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Zuken sponsors Formula Bharat 2023

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce Zuken as a Gold Level sponsor of the 2023 competition. Zuken is a major vendor in the Automotive segment worldwide and its software solutions are the preferred tool for PCB Cabling & Harness design. Over 33% of PCBs Designed worldwide are done using Zuken’s Software.

Company Bio:

Since our establishment, Zuken’s core business has been to provide electrical and electronic design
solutions that support the development of electronic products.

Today, the significant advances we are seeing in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence, and computing capabilities are transforming manufacturing processes themselves. Zuken aims to provide an even wider range of engineering solutions that go beyond the simple electronics field in order to help manufacturing customers develop a more holistic view of various technical domains and realize innovative product development more effectively and swiftly.

Main Industries Served by Zuken

Products and Solutions:

Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Printed Circuit Board Design Solutions to Serve as a Platform for Electronics Product

Printed circuit board (PCB) electronic circuits equipped with semiconductors and other electronic components underpin the advanced functions of electronic products. We provide the software required to automate and optimize the design and manufacturing of their electrical and electronic systems. By creating a design and verification environment driven by 3D technology, our latest electronics design platform, the CR-8000 series, is able to support the advanced design processes required for developing

Electrical Control and Wiring Design

Electrical Engineering Solutions That Help Boost the Operational Efficiency and Superior
Quality of Industrial Equipment Development

All industrial and electronic equipment have complex cables and harness inside them that link and control each part electrically. Our E3.series helps reduce operational errors and respin that frequently happen in such electrical engineering processes. The E3.series improves operational efficiency and product quality by automatically generating drawings and bills of materials (BOM). We are also expanding the potential application of our solutions by devising 3D wiring plan tools and by developing specialist applications for

Engineering Data Management (EDM)

Product Lifecycle Management That Only Zuken, with Its Rich Electric and Electronic (E/E)
Design Expertise Can Provide

We provide product data/lifecycle management (PDM/PLM) products that offer unparalleled perfection and are most suited to the development of electronics products, such as the central management of electronic component information and design deliverables management that links and stores information on parts, circuits, and circuit boards. Due to such issues as the global division of development processes, the need to comply with laws and regulations, and dealing with increasing development variants, the use of EDM will become increasingly important to those seeking to address the ever more challenging parameters of the product.

Automotive Electrical and Electronic (E/E) Systems Engineering

E/E Systems Design Solutions for Ever-Advancing Automobile Manufacturing

Automotive development is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex as automobiles employ a large number of state-of-the-art electronic systems. Zuken offers E/E systems design environments that are central to the development of those automobiles. In order to accommodate rapidly changing product development needs from connected, autonomous, sharing, electric (CASE) trends and issues, such as the building of supplier ecosystems in the global market, we are committed to devising a next-generation engineering platform that can support the creation of ever-evolving cars by enhancing functions such as the examination of E/E architecture in the conceptual design phase and the automatic generation of drawings in subsequent

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Cutting-Edge Product Development Methodology for a Connected World

Today all kinds of products are starting to offer innovative functions by leveraging communications through the internet. This requires the development of functions based on the complex and advanced interworking of multiple systems. When developing such products, Zuken encourages customers to introduce MBSE which enables them to gain a comprehensive view of the overall systems at the product concept stage and create optimal solutions. In addition to introducing the GENESYS modeling tool for MBSE and conducting training, Zuken is extremely adept at applying the merits of MBSE to the electrical design process and, as such, we are able to create unrivaled solutions that offer unique tools and services to facilitate the successful development