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Pravaig sponsors FB2022 at Silver Level

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce Pravaig as a Silver Level sponsor of the 2022 competition.


Founded in 2011, Pravaig is a deep tech company, with world leading technologies in Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, and Terra scale data acquisition. With a mission to build world class products, best in its niche; the vision is to build a new school of technology and re-define the relationship with AI.

Pravaig is redefining the relationship with technology Made in and by India, high value research, engineering, design, and supply chain. Through the usage of private, open source, and decentralized technologies, Pravaig has developed the most ecologically responsible and lowest carbon footprint car solution in the world.

Pravaig is committed to building world class products that helps you take back control.

In 11 years, Pravaig has built 8 prototypes to understand and test various components to make the best mobility there is. Each prototype has served a different purpose in aiding to make India’s first and only feature packed electric premium vehicle.

Defy: The first Robo-Mobility app in a Global framework

Defy is an open-source program system by ways of which we are building cyber security models, ML models and transaction models for all sorts of mobility as a service solutions. It is an application with a transactional layer (call for the asset) and actuation layer (control the asset).

Need for Defy:

Today, massive interoperability challenges exist. Every time a robot / machine / service is made, an application from scratch has to be made, duplicating the efforts and creating a sub-par product. The security challenge: Data proliferation in a massive manner. The safety issue: E.g. If a car can be locked unlocked from the app, it has to be safe so that other don’t have access to it.

Energy Storage:

Operation Reverse Brain Drain:

Pravaig has launched Operation Reverse Brain Drain that is getting Indian scientific minds back to India to work on ambitious projects and completed its first set of experiments. We are on the fast track of making world leading projects with the best of the minds. Currently we are 120+ employees and are growing each day!

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