Exponent Energy sponsors FB2023

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce Exponent Energy as a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 competition.

Today, energy for EVs is complicated, slow, & expensive – limiting freedom for EVs. Founded in 2022 by Arun Vinayak & Sanjay Byalal, Exponent Energy simplifies energy for EVs, making it rapid and affordable.

Exponent and Formula Bharat have a close connection. In fact, a majority of Exponent’s founding team are Formula Student alumni including Arun Vinayak, who co-founded Raftar Formula Racing. Many of its engineers have participated in and organised various Formula Student events – so much so that Exponent’s core philosophy of “Break. Believe. Build” took root in these student competitions. The
same passion for building a student race car has pivoted into something bigger – to build the future of energy. These principles inspired by Formula student competitions have driven them to build their own battery pack (e^pack) & charging station (e^pump) which together unlock a 15-minute rapid charge using regular Li-ion cells on EVs with any number of wheels.

For more information on Exponent Energy, visit their website: https://www.exponent.energy/