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Finalists announced for FB2021 EV Business

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce the list of finalists at the FB2021 EV Business Plan Presentations event (in no particular grading order):

  • E03 Team Kratos Racing Electric  
  • E07 Team Srijan Electric
  • E08 IIT Bombay Racing
  • E09 SPCE Racing Electric
  • E10 Axlr8r Formula Racing

The finalists listed will receive an email from the administration on pre-submissions required before the BPP finals.

The finalists will be engaged in a core discussion at the finals on Sunday, December 20 during assigned time slots scheduled between 11 AM until 2 PM. Each finalist will be allotted a 30 minute slot.  These discussions will be aired live to the public on the Formula Bharat Youtube Channel and will be subject to an ‘Audience Vote’ post completion of the finals on the same day.

During the assigned time slot, each finalist’s business proposal and discussion will be judged on:

  • Comprehensiveness of Business Model – market segmentation, completeness of service delivery model, ease of customer acquisitions etc.
  • Financials
  • ‘Implementability’ – realistic viability and action plan to realize the idea
  • Team Capability Analysis – HR capabilities to realize the business plan

All finalists will be scored between 71 thru 75 out of a total of 75 points available within the Business Plan Presentation event. The winners and the final scores will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday December 27.

The following are the judges involved in the FB2021 EV BPP Judging:

  • Bora Venu Narasimha Madhu – Co-Founder – Rizel Automotive
  • Francis Colaco – Director – ZenCare Group
  • Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui – Director and Operations -Carjoz India Pvt Ltd
  • Apoorv Kumar – Manager, Reliance Emerging Leaders Program – Reliance Industries Ltd
  • Basir Khan – Software Engineer – Samsung Research Institute NOIDA
  • E Vageesh – Sr.Executive-Service – TVS Motor Company
  • Mohammed Abdul Azeem – Production Manager – Carjoz India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sharan B Hegde – Management consultant – KPMG Advisory
  • Tushaar Bajaj – CEO -Virtus Motors

For any concerns, please reach out to formulabharat(@)

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