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#OurFirstAndLastFormulaCar Social Media Challenge 2020

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Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, we have been missing out on a lot of things in our daily routine. And we are sure that for the FS community, one of those things is being at the workshop, with the team, preparing for forthcoming competitions. To relive the nostalgia and keep those memories alive, we bring to you #OurFirstAndLastFormulaCar Social Media Challenge!

Featuring the University of Toronto Racing Team in the first car (~2001) and last car (2019) challenge.

In this challenge you will have to:

  1. Upload a picture of your First Formula car (mention year) and the most recent car (mention year) of your team.
  2. You can mention in 100 words your team’s journey from your first car till date and how the team has evolved through the years.
  3. You may nominate a fellow team to continue the challenge.
  4. Include hashtags #OurFirstAndLastFormulaCar #ThrowbackFormulaStudent #FSMemories #FormulaBharat and other relevant hashtags

Take this challenge now and let’s bring back those amazing memories! The Formula Bharat Instagram page shall be reposting your posts on our Story feed.

Write to us at formulabharat(@) for any concerns or queries.