Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

Feature your team on the FB2020 Calendar

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To all the participating teams at Formula Bharat 2020, here is a chance to be featured in Formula Bharat’s annual Formula Student themed calendar for 2020!

Each team can submit upto a maximum of 3 photos either of your car or a photo depicting your team work or your inspiration or engineering design process (or all together). Deadline for submission is November 10, 2019.

The top thirteen photos will be selected based on their creativity and originality. The photos can be staged or candid.

A complimentary calendar will be provided to each participating team at the FB2020 competition.

Submission details:

  • Only participating teams at FB2020 can participate in this campaign.
  • Each team can submit a maximum of four (4) photos in a .jpg format with a file size upto 3 MB only.
  • Each photo must be of the size 16 cm height x 21 cm wide, and of a high resolution.
  • Ideally edits to the submitted photo(s) must be minimal.
  • Submitter of photos must be the owner of the submitted images, and will provide rights to organizers of Formula Bharat to edit and use images for commercial material.
  • Files must be named as: TeamName_1. Example: DJSRacing_1, DJSRacing_2 etc.
  • All entries will have to be emailed to by 23:59 pm on Sunday November 10, 2019. Subject Line: TeamName – FB2020 Calendar Campaign. Example: DJS Racing – FB2020 Calendar Campaign