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Important updates to FB2021 CV ED and BPP events

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As we have just completed the final static event for the EV category last evening, we have implemented a few proposed changes suggested by participants and judges, within the CV category. Teams may find these updates helpful towards their preparation.


The following documents have been updated and are accessible via Please join the mailing list to access as shown in instructions on the link.

1. Business Plan Presentation (BPP)

No significant changes. Updates highlighted in red within documents mentioned.

  • FB2021 Virtual Event- Combustion Category – V3
    • Slot selection date update
    • Additional reference resources for BPP event
  • FB2021 FAQ – Business Plan Presentation document
    •   Inclusion of details for BPP Finals (Refer to the last question)

2. Engineering Design

Significant updates to aid in EDP preparation. Updates highlighted in red within documents mentioned.

  • FB2021 Virtual Event – Combustion Category – V3
    • Additional reference resources for ED event
    • Significant updates within Appendix C
  •   FB2021 FAQ – Engineering Design Concept Event 
    • Update throughout questions in document 

For any concerns with the details above, please write to formulabharat(@)