FBV 21-22 Engineering Design Finalists announcement

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The following is an announcement of the Engineering Design (ED) finalists for the Virtuals at Formula Bharat 21-22 (FBV 21-22) competition.

EV Category:

As the judges’ decision was unanimous on the top scoring teams in this category on the basis of their documentation and Q&A session, there will be no ED finals held for the EV category at FBV 21-22.

CV Category:

The following are the finalists of the ED event under the CV category at FBV 21-22, in no particular order. The finalists will participate in a private ED Q&A Finals session that will take place on Sunday, October 31 at 7 PM IST. More details shall be shared via email with the participating teams.

  • 01 Formula Manipal
  • 05 Ojaswat Motorsports
  • 07 STES Racing
  • 09 SASTRA Racing Team
  • 21 Team KART

For concerns, you may write to formulabharat@gmail.com.