FB2021 moves to Virtual Event format

1 min read

As of June 2020, the Formula Bharat 2021 event had conducted a rules quiz and finalized both a Registered Teams list and a Waitlist Teams list for the Electric Vehicle and Combustion Vehicle categories respectively. It was assumed at the time that hosting a ‘full-scale’ Formula Student event at the designated venue and time in January 2021 would be feasible.

Based on the state of events due to COVID-19, government directives and taking into account the safety of participants and volunteers, the Formula Bharat organizing team has decided to move the event to a virtual-web platform for the 2020-2021 season.

In order to make a smooth transition into the virtual platform, we have drafted information booklets with the registration, document submission format and deadlines, and other requirements, applicable to each category. This transition should be considered as a continuance of your activities since June 2020 and not a ‘restart’.

Please visit the Registration and Payments link on the Downloads page to receive information booklets for the EV and CV categories respectively.

The Virtual Event at Formula Bharat 2021 is hosted by Curiosum Tech Private Limited.