FB2021 EV Deadline Updates

Formula Bharat   October 26, 2020   Comments Off on FB2021 EV Deadline Updates

As the BPP slots for the Electric category have been pushed to begin on the weekend of November 27, we have extended the following deadlines for EV teams participating at FB2021. This has been also updated on www.formulabharat.com/deadlines.

  • Business Plan Pitch Deck (BPPD) – November 10 (originally October 30)
  • Team Member Information (TMI) – November 13 (originally November 6 – template to be shared soon)
  • Engineering Design Q&A Slot Schedule Selection – Opens on November 14 at 11AM

If there are any concerns with the details above, please do not hesitate to write to us at formulabharat(@)gmail.com.